Rocket League World Championship Betting Predictions


The world of competitive racing football is eagerly awaiting the biggest event this season. It’s the Finals of the 2021-22 Rocket League Championship Series, the most grandiose event in the game’s competitive arsenal and one that’s bound to make a proper impact. Rocket League World Championship betting craze has already begun. Outright winner odds and other futures are available left and right, guaranteeing excitement throughout the month of August.카지노사이트

Best Rocket League World Championship Betting Sites

But, many of you still ought to be unfamiliar with the whole concept of online betting on esports. It’s no secret that esports betting still has a large influx of newcomers who still don’t have a proper grasp on how things work.

Key Facts About RLWC 2022

This is the first iteration of the Rocket League World Championship. However, it has to be noted that it serves as a spiritual successor to RLCS Finals.

In short, it’s the biggest and most lucrative event of Rocket League esports’ competitive calendar. It features over $2 million in prize money which tells you a lot about its size and importance.

The 2021-22 RLWC tournament starts on August 4th and runs through August 14th. That’s eleven days of top-notch Rocket League action for us to enjoy and bet on.

The tournament will feature 24 teams in total. Sixteen will play in the Wildcard Stage, with eight additional teams joining in the group stage.

The winner will go home with $600,000 in prize money. The second-place team will take $400,000 while 3rd and 4th place will share the same amount ($200,000 each). All 24 teams will get a share of the prize pool, though two-thirds are reserved for the top four teams.

Tournament Format

The 2022 Rocket League World Championship is divided into three separate stages. They are as follows:

Wildcard Stage

This year’s Rocket League World Championship will kick off with the Wildcard Stage featuring sixteen Wildcard teams. Yes, I know they’re dubbed as Wildcards, but the likes of Version1 and Spacestation Gaming are not to be taken for granted.

Format-wise, Wildcard Stage is imagined like a 16 Team Swiss system with bo5 matches from start to finish. At the end of all Wildcard Stage fixtures, the eight best teams will proceed to the Group Stage.

Group Stage

The group stage kicks off on August 9th and will feature two groups of eight teams. Eight best teams from the Wildcard Stage coupled with additional eight teams who’ll start their Fort Worth adventure from the group stage.

Both teams will pan out as double-elimination brackets with bo7 matches from start to finish. The four best teams from each group (eight in total) will make their way into the playoffs.


All playoff matches will be played on the final day of the event, August 14th. We’re looking at seven matches in total, all of which will be played in bo7 (best of seven) fashion. It’s a ruthless single-elimination bracket, so everything is up for grabs and there won’t be any room for mistakes.바카라사이트

Rocket League World Championship Betting Odds

As mentioned earlier, Rocket League WC betting odds are already available. At the moment, you can only invest money into RLWC outrights. Match-winners will come, but they will arrive at a later day. Probably in a matter of days following the official schedule (wildcard fixtures) announcement.

RLWC Outright Winner Odds

Here’s a look at the top ten teams and their Rocket League World Championship betting odds:

Now let’s check out the top five teams and see which ones are a good choice for your long-term Rocket League World Championship betting slips:

Moist Esports

Moist Esports are the bookies’ favorites to win the 2021-22 Rocket League World Championships. The champions of Europe are coming off of massive success at the Spring Major. A quick reminder for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Moist Esports (former Team Queso) won the Spring Major following a convincing 4:0 win against Falcons.

Luckily, Joyo, Vatira, and rise are in fine form. They’ve been in great shape throughout the year – not only did they win the Spring Major but reached the grand finals of the Winter iteration too.

Overall, joyo and the co are the rightful favorites. If you’re going to be betting on Rocket League World Championship next month, don’t sleep on Moist!

GarrettG and the NRG company are still a force to be reckoned with in North American Rocket League. The experienced veterans of the game are always dangerous, though it has to be noted that they’re not coming into this one with fine results to back them up.

While they did play well in the first quarter, their form dropped significantly following the end of Mobile 1 Mountain Classic finals. They weren’t at their best during the Winter Major and they didn’t even qualify for the Spring iteration.

Obviously, this is going to place a lot of pressure on them. Plus, they’ll be playing in front of their own fans in Fort Worth, which will put even more pressure on their shoulders. It’s a double-edged sword, though, it all depends on how they’ll react to the pressure.

One thing is certain this is going to be an uphill struggle for NRG. If I were you, I wouldn’t bet too much money on them… especially not at just +500 to win the event.

G2 logoHere we have another North American powerhouse. This one is perhaps even more dangerous than the first one. G2 have invested in Atomic to be their next go-to starter. Looking back at their results following that acquisition, it’s safe to say their gamble has paid off.

G2 have won two of three NA regional events and finished second on the third. They are our Winter Split Major winners and, despite a poor run this spring, they’re still one of the toughest teams to beat out there.

G2 could be the surprise everyone is hoping for. Fort Worth will have their back, but will that be enough for them to clinch the title? If you’d like to bet on it, Rocket League betting sites are offering +600 on your money.

Faze Clan
Faze Clan’s roster upgrade could yield good results in Fort Worth next month. They’ve released both Allushin and Moopy and brought in Sypical from Spacestation Gaming. The 18-year-old already has four years of professional Rocket League to his name and is likely to be quick about settling in with his new teammates.

Results-wise, Faze Clan’s Winter Major campaign ended with a fourth-place finish following a tough loss to Team Queso (now Moist Esports). Their Spring Major performance earlier this month was pretty poor. They ended up losing to FURIA and getting eliminated way earlier than anyone of us had expected.

With Sypical still not fully synced up with his teammates, which the results clearly show, I just can’t recommend you invest in Faze Clan. There are far better options out there, so pick your poison carefully!

Falcons Esports is back, boys and girls! Back in April, they acquired the former roster of Sandrock Gaming consisting of trk511, Ahmad, and oKhaliD. This roster went on quite the dominant run, winning all three RLCS Spring events in MENA as well as second place on the Spring Major.

Moist Esports were better in the end, though trk511 and the company don’t have anything to argue about. Moist absolutely stomped them, finishing the match with a dominant 4:0 on the scoreboard.

That said, the Saudi boys are dangerous! They have superb clutch potential, they’re not afraid to play dynamic gameplay no matter who’s on the other end. At +600 to win the 2022 RLWC title, you gotta fancy their chances.

Wrapping Things Up
What are your thoughts on currently available Rocket League World Championship betting options? Are you satisfied with the outright winner betting odds? Are you going to be placing a few RLCS bets in the coming weeks? Tell us more in the comments section down below.

Until next time,

May the odds be in your favor! 온라인카지노

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