GTO Poker vs Strategy. Mining Games – How to Make the Most of Your Money

We hear GTO poker strategies every day as we play and learn, but most people are not fully aware of what it means and how it is implemented in real games.

Game theory optimal strategy (GTO) means that we adopt the optimal non-exploitable strategy against our opponents and guarantee that we will get money for them. However, we are playing a game with incomplete information, 에볼루션게이밍 so it is very difficult to get to the actual GTO strategy points. In addition, this is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misused concepts in the world of poker.

Simply put, we want to strike a balance between value and deception so that no one offends you. Being able to stick to this strategy ensures a break even with at least the best players in the world.

However, it is not easy to follow and in most cases not the best strategy.

To exploit weaker players, you have to deviate from the GTO poker approach and target their mistakes.

While neither of these tactics can give you a perfect poker strategy, both have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to understand how to implement both of them in your games to win the most.


When you know your opponents well or play with the same player all the time, you know their mistakes and can make some adjustments to exploit it.

But what if you are playing online in an anonymous game, facing opponents that you have never seen before, or a new player joins your table 먹튀검증 and you have no information about him?
When a new player sits down at the table, you don’t know if he is a good regular or random recreational player and until you figure this out, GTO poker strategy is by far your best bet.

The same applies to anonymous games. Many poker rooms have started banning HUDs and introducing anonymous tables to allow recreational players to play against regular players.

Sooner or later you have to adapt to this and learn efficient and balanced lines.
Your goal should be to learn how to play a strategy that cannot be exploited (perfect poker), which is no easy task.

There are several options for this, and the most efficient way is to join a poker training site where you can get all the information at once.

Sure, you can study and do it all on your own, but it takes time and time is money in poker.

Both must start preflop. It is nearly impossible to play effectively post flop if you struggle to play well pre flop. Therefore, check out the following points.

  • Optimal open defense range
  • 3-bet How to balance the frequency
  • The perfect poker strategy for playing blind

One thing that many players lack is to change their defense strategy blindly. Various open sizes. If you are defending the same hand against a mini-raise, 2.5x or 3x open, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and you should correct this mistake. If you need good instructions on how to do this, take my poker cheat sheet!

The same goes for C-betting and all other common mistakes like barreling, post-flop blind defense strategies, 3-bet pot play, etc. Learn to balance scope and use this strategy as a starting point.
This way, you will become a very strong player, and no one will be able to push you around.

When to use GTO poker strategy:

  • When you are playing against good regulars;
  • Against new players you have no information on;
  • In anonymous poker games where you do not know who you are playing;
  • When you are not sure what line to take, stick with the perfect poker strategy.

Advantages of the game theory optimal (GTO) play

Like with all strategies, 카지노 there are some pros and cons. We’ve already touched on some upsides of this approach – you will be able to play vs. good regulars and unknown players and guaranteed not to lose money against them, which is a big thing. If you play poker really perfectly, it will be impossible for your opponents to beat you. The best they can hope for is a tie. That is why today many high-level players are talking about the optimal game theory strategy.

In the games they play, they shouldn’t make too many mistakes, or competent opponents will quickly notice and exploit stubborn leaks they can discover.

For example, if you fold too much, these players will see an opportunity to push you and bet too much in theory, but it would be a good adjustment because you fold too much. But as long as you stick to perfect poker strategy and play GTO sequences, there’s nothing you can do to make your game -EV. The best thing you can do is play the GTO poker strategy yourself, then you lose together.

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