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A casino refers to a place where you gamble with card games [2], slot machines, and roulette. The Tourism Promotion Act defines it as a business that has a specialized business site and uses specific devices such as dice, Trump, and slot machines to give property benefits to specific people and lose money to other participants according to accidental results. To put it simply, a gambling house. Therefore, in countries where gambling is prohibited, they hide and return, and in countries where gambling is prohibited, buildings are built and operated.

Buy and enjoy Chip, a dedicated currency that is used differently for each casino without using cash, and convert it into cash when leaving the casino. In places where casinos are not allowed, such as Korea and Japan, prizes corresponding to their value are given and later converted into cash or gift certificates, and there is always a company near the “game room” that “buy” prizes.[3] In fact, it is to exchange game chips, but the game room and the buyer are separate operators on the outside, so they can avoid the law. Likewise, Pachinko in Japan has almost 100% prize exchange stations near the Pachinko building. On the outside, it is a technique that cleverly avoids the law because it is a separate business operator. It’s like I’m crying with my eyes closed.

In other words, as soon as the prize is taken out of the game room, it becomes personal property, so it has nothing to do with the game room. Therefore, even if the prize is converted into money, no causal relationship is established. Therefore, most of the prizes given at these game venues are of no value to the prizes themselves. Most of the gift certificates, which are prizes mainly given by Korean game venues, 카지노 are virtually like pieces of tissue, with no place to handle them.

The interior is usually decorated with colorful interiors, and there are many life-threatening matches, so it is a place that comes out quite often in movies. In fact, most casinos, especially in the United States, often work at hotels to entertain casino guests for a long time. There are not only ground buildings but also marine casinos made by renovating huge luxury cruises.[4]

If it can be established legally, it is a place where you can earn more money than most large companies. In addition, since taxes are paid that much, the government also allows them to do so unless there is a gambling addiction problem. However, there are situations in which the tax is embezzled or the income is pocketed by manipulating books, and it has been revealed that tax evasion has been extensively carried out in casinos operated by private companies in Korea. This was the main income of the mafias.

Unlike ordinary products, casinos have low customer loyalty. Gambling lovers often go around casinos around the world, not just one casino. Therefore, developing countries and economically underdeveloped cities sometimes try to revitalize the local economy by attracting casinos, and foreign casinos in Korea were also created for this purpose. Of course, there is a problem with this, so foreign workers can’t spend their money working for Korean companies at casinos and remit money to their families, making it difficult for their families to sit down. Whether they are reduced to illegal residents due to reasons such as paying off their debts or raising entertainment expenses, foreign tourists who lost money at casinos often commit suicide. However, these things do not cause damage to Koreans, and Koreans cannot enter the casino at all except for Kangwon Land anyway, so it is not an issue in Korea except for the degree of tax evasion or illegal entry. 바카라